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Tillari Dam Bio-Region

Reptile Photography Expedition

  • 5-8 Sept 2019
  • Birds and Reptile
  • Tillary Dam, Goa

MAhesh Mhangore

MENTOR.Wildlife photographer

Wildlife Conservator, Photographer and cinematographer.

Director of Wild India Expeditions & WIE wildlife field station.

Promotes wildlife in Northeast and Western ghats with social cause.



hotspot for Aves and Reptile Watching

photograph endangered species

Jungle safari
game drives

4Nights &
3 days in WIE

Serious focus, bird viewing & photography

Less Travel, Maximum time in the forest



Day 1 : 5 Sept 2019

Pick up at 10 AM from Mhapusa Bus Stand, Goa
Drive to WIE wildlife Field station.
On reach welcome drink followed by lunch.
Afternoon search for reptiles and amphibians in surrounding area (Route 1)
Night search for Reptiles along with stream.

6S2A4955 (Indian Blackbird- Female)

Day 2 : 6 Sept 2019

After break fast Trek to adjacent forest to look for reptiles
Return for Lunch
Evening trek to adjacent forest ( route 2 )
Return for refreshment.
Around 8 PM trek into forest . (Route 3)
Return for dinner around 11PM


Day 3 : 7 Sept 2019

After breakfast Trek into forest alongside river and waterfalls.
Return to station for Lunch
Evening Trek into forest ( Route 4)
Return for refreshments.
At 8 pm drive to Tillari dam
Return back to the station at around 11pm

6S2A3703 (Malabar Trogon-Male)

Day 4 : 8 Sept 2019

After Breakfast small trek behind field station.
Return to station for lunch
Packup and depart to Mhapusa, Goa




6S2A0338 (Asian Paradise Flycatcher-Adult Male)
6S2A5334 (Vernal Hanging Parrot)
6S2A5625 (Srilankan Frogmouth)

WIE Field Station

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