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Ajay Talwar
Astrophotographer and Twan Member
  • Astrophotography experience of over 3 decades
  • Began with Deep Sky Photography
  • Evolved later shooting TWAN style, consisting of elements of the night sky and Earth.
  • Most prolific transient sky events photographer in India. 
  • Regular contributor in TWAN.
  • Hopes to photograph many of India’s heritage under the starry sky. 

Astro Schedule

Saturday, 29th June 2019

17:00 – Participants report at Kepler’s Observatory (Check-in to your room if you have opted)

18:00 – Indoor session in the theatre, duration 2 hours

  • Stunning star trail movies and images from the Himalayas and the world.
  • How to shoot star trails? Learn the process.
  • How to shoot star trail images in the city?

19:23 – Sunset (direction 297°)

2019-03-21 South Startrails
2018-06-24 SFO Skylines

Star Trail at kepler's

20:23 – Dusk, Sun is 12° below the horizon

20:59 – Astronomical Twilight ends, it is true night.

21:00 – Star trail shooting from various locations at the Kepler’s Observatory

23:00 – Theatre astro movie session, showing interesting time lapse movies.

00:30 – Io’s shadow on Jupiter, Shoot Jupiter & Saturn with the 14inch telescope

Star trail travel

03:16 – Crescent Moon rises, direction 72°, 10% illuminated, 26 days old

03:45 – Star Trail Post Processing Session

03:51 – Astronomical Twilight begins

04:38 – Venus rises (direction 64°)

06:00 – Workshop ends (next morning on 30th June).

SPT 13 Group_3248

Past Work

Polar Trails SPT13
2014-11-21 SPT07 Group Photo_7106





Kepler’s Observatory


The total duration of the workshop is 12 hours which includes an intense photography practical session of star trail photography.

In this workshop, you will learn How to shoot stunning stars trails from a city where the lights overwhelm the sky. The workshop includes method of astrophotography, i.e. exposure, ISO, aperture, tripod, direction of shooting, landscape, prominent constellations. Star trail photography practical at the venue for several hours and several nearby locations. Finally several examples of processing a making a star trail image will be taken up in the auditorium. You will leave the workshop will complete knowledge and know how of shooting star trails. 

The total price of the workshop is Rs.4999 inclusive all taxes.

Mentor guidance, Location and Shooting the observatory is included. In case of booking a stay in the room in the observatory, the participants need to pay an additional charge of Rs.2250.

We suggest you to use APS-C/ Full Frame DSLR both are suitable for the workshop. So even an entry level DSLR will work for the workshop.

For better sharpness of the images we will suggest you to bring a prime lens than a zoom lens
Please bring intervalometer and tripod for better experience.

We reserve the right to cancel or modify any session in the workshop. No compensation or partial refund will be made for any change. However if the entire workshop is cancelled, by reason of few registrations, full refund of the participation fee will be made. However, you will not be entitled to make any further claim for any injury, loss, expenses, travel expenses, cancellation of tickets or damage (either direct or consequential) or for any loss of time, or inconvenience which may result from such cancellation.

The workshop itinerary mentioned is subject to favourable weather conditions. In case of bad weather , we will do our best to make alternate plans which may include post processing of previous images, indoors. The cost of the workshop or any part of it will not be refunded in the event of unfavourable conditions anytime during the workshop.

We will provide enough security as per standard norms at the venue , however you are expected to take care of all your personal, valuable belongings. You will be fully responsible for allowing any use of your personal equipment to any other participant in the workshop. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage to your equipment arising due to theft , negligence or any other cause.

During the workshop & astrophotography sessions, you may be handed over all equipment such as telescopes, mounts, camera , laptop and accessories. Ensure that all the equipment are at its designated place before the session starts. It will be your responsibility to return the same in good and working condition after completion of your astrophotography session. You will be responsible to make good any loss / damage to any equipment during the time it was under your control . A fair amount will be decided for the value of the loss. Our decision in this matter will be final and no other claims will be entertained.