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By Aditi Singh
7 July 2019, Delhi NCR

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Aditi Singh​

Product Photographer

Psychologist by Qualification and Photographer by choice, Aditi started her voyage through this ken-speckled world of Photography in 2013 exhibiting her work in several group exhibitions, writing Photography articles for a website and teaching Photography to school students with Vidya and Child.

Later, somewhere in 2015 she escalated to Product and Tabletop Photography exploring her creative streaks and artistic temperaments, adding flexibility and manifoldness in work with a desire to master the technicalities and out reaching the client’s needs. She has worked for agencies, artists, independent clients, etc. Apart from commercial tabletop, she also carve-up her time between Travel & Documentary Photography, Pinhole and Stock.

Aditi is a self taught Zentangle and Mandala Artist. Her other favourite divertissements include reading, writing, music and gardening.

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Make up and cosmetics products on black background

Carrying e-commerce shoots

Commercial product shoots

Live shooting experience.

Businessman standing at the desk in his office.

Career Guidance

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Product and Tabletop Photography

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