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What makes us unique


Abhishek Singh

An independent photographer for more than 13 years, Abhishek is based out of Delhi. As a photography mentor, he has mentored and shared his knowledge in more than 300 photography workshops for Nikon India. He is Panasonic Lumix Ambassador from India.

Ajay Talwar

Ajay Talwar took up astrophotography in 1987 during a night when the Moon was occulting the Pleiades. Since then he has continued photographing the skies passionately. He is the most prolific transient sky events photographer in India.

Harshit Walia

Harshit Walia is an academician, photographer, and filmmaker. He has won  3 International Recognitions and 28 National Level Photography competitions. He was selected as the India Country Director at ASIAN YOUTH FORUM, Bangkok.

01Photo Opputunity

Carefully planned to maximize photo opportunities and Extensive learning off-field

02Expand Perspective

Learn Image-reviews, post-processing, presentations, post-tour advice and assistance

03Photography Mentor

Led by professional photographers and Hands-on photography assistance in the field


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